Katie Mayhew

Director of Under The Oak Films Ltd

Specialist Natural History Camera Operator & Photographer

Specialising in Natural History TV and Film, I have worked for Silverback Films for over five years and have recently started Under The Oak Films, formally know as K.Mayhew Photography Ltd.

To date I have worked on projects for Apple TV+, Disney Nature Films, Netflix 'Our Planet' Series, two BBC landmark series; 'Fragile Planet' and "The Hunt' I have also undertaken smaller freelance jobs including covering festivals and other music events working as a self shooting PD, often managing a small crew over the course of the event. 


I hold a current British passports and am up to date with most vaccinations having travelled to many countries over the last 6 years. 


I have worked with a range of specialist equipment such as underwater housings for RED and Sony F55 cameras, underwater grip kit, polecams, timelapse tracks and sliders and two Cineflex systems. I have also undertaken full training from Gates for the underwater kit and Cineflex/Shotover technician & operator training from Mike Wright. 


I am very used to downloading and backing up footage on location, including assembling sequences and producing proxies to meet Apple TV+,Disney Nature, BBC and other client requirements. 


My career ambition is to become a full time natural history camera operator combining and refine the skills I have learnt to date. Having been lucky enough to meet and  work with some of the best camera talent in the world I understand how high the standards are and have seen first hand how to achieve that.  With that in mind I have been developing my skills and experience in the following disciplines; long lens work, timelapse, cable dolly, ronin, cineflex, slider moves, hide work and many more. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or require my CV.

Katie Mayhew
Camera Woman
& Director of Under The Oak Films Ltd
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