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Katie Mayhew

Director of Under The Oak Films Ltd

Specialist Natural History Camera Woman & Photographer

I started out my career with one of the worlds leading companies in Natural History Filmmaking, Silverback Films. Working for them for five years, I worked and learned from some of the best cinematographers and producers there are in wildlife Film and TV.


Whilst working for Silverback Films Ltd I, filmed and assisted on multiple award winning productions for the BBC, Netflix and Disney Nature. These productions took me to various remote and tricky environments across the world from working on Rasa, an uninhabited island of the coast Mexico for a month with no facilities or shade, to capturing forest fires in California where things got a little hairy and the crew had to run through fire to escape the enclosing wall of flames.

All these experiences working in different environments with a variety of equipment and wildlife in often difficult circumstances, allowed me to build the skill base and reputation to start my journey as a freelancer.


In 2019 my freelance journey began, working under my own company called Under The Oak Films Ltd.

Immediately, I kick started my freelance life by filming for Apple TV’s first wildlife series, the award winning “Earth At Night In Colour”. A series which pushed technologies and crew to the limits of possibility. Filming under the cover of the full moon and a week either side, brought challenges crews had never experienced before.


I have been recognised for my passion to push technologies and problem solve equipment restraints, creating new, visually pleasing images. I have spent the last two years filming for large Natural History Blue Chip series showcasing my skills to keep the cameras on the move using motion control sliders and gimbals as well as maintaining the attention to detail used in macro work and long lens filming. I am also a proud owner of a couple of honorary Emmy Awards!


Here’s a list of my recent clients; BBC, Netflix, Apple TV, Giorgio Armani, Royal Foundation, Channel 4 and University Of Bristol. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or require my CV or would like to see my latest showreel. 

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